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There was plenty of ammo, I remember seeing 2 boxes of shotgun shells (2800 damage), and if you can get those shotgunner platforms to lower you get a bunch more shells from that. Plasma rifle with 40 cells and maybe even more cells I dont remember.
Lost Souls can practically be ignored, but with the berserk they just die.
Most dangerous part about e3m2 was the shotgunners and the cacos (close action means possible caco bites). Also except for spikes getting in the way the map was close combat so berserk really destroys monsters in that map. There's also an ambush which could get dicey but the only real danger there is the pinkies.

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You're getting your memories of Doom and Quake mixed up.

Bruh... The standard nail gun and its tinny sound effect were one of the only reasons I liked Quake. Also the grenade launcher. Didn't like how weak the shotguns were or the reloading quickness of the double barrel... Nailgun was tight as a prom date though.

>I hate the SNG

That lower half of the pic somehow looks really fkn awesome.

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Pillowblaster tricked a bunch of people into playing Doom as his fursona.

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