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Just finished the first episode of Blood for the first time. So far so good, the pace is much faster than in Douk and Shadow Warrior and there are lots of parts where you just have to run'n'gun in order to survive. This is my first time playing Blood. I did attempt to play it before, but for some reason I just dropped it, probably because of the difficulty.
Even though it plays pretty much identically to Duke Nukem 3D, there are oddities and differences. The enemy placement is sometimes really unfair, the balance is all over the place (your health can drop form 200 to 45 because some enemy managed to sneak/drop on you), and some of the weapons are just inconsistent. For example, the dynamite: I throw the dynamite, it hits the wall next to enemy, but the enemy doesn't die or react to it in any way. Or when I throw the dynamite in middle of enemies, some of them die, some of them remain untouched, wtf.

Levels are alright and I really enjoy those voxel models of powerups and ammo.

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