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Because they are not pixel sprites, they are pre rendered models.
Its not helped by the N64 shipping with Component by default, which has awful video quality.

But all prerendered sprites look like jpegs. Because that is the benefit of compressing a full CGI render into whatever resolution try to cache it at.
I would assume any peculiarities in Yoshi's story would come from fruits and lower quality assets being stretched severely, as opposed to native pixels running at native size on a 800x600 resolution. Or native 480p.
But there is a even bigger question: What resolution is Yoshi's story outputting? Because if its on the Wii it can do native 480p.

Even bigger question: People always say "4k texture cache", but that is meaningless.
Its what... a 128x64 4-bit texture? Thats pretty sexy, but its a meaningless statement without elaboration.

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