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>I'm on HRT

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It's okay, anon. I know that you're still 14 or 15, and you think the most important thing in the world right now is getting laid. You're obviously not getting laid—because you're posting on 4chan's retro gaming board—so you feel the need to lash out at others and accuse them of the things that you think the popular kids are thinking about you. But it's okay, anon. You will grow up, realize those people were pitiable normalfags, and you will join the elite autistic shitposting club.

Or you will cripple yourself entirely by constantly worrying what normalfags think of you. It's your choice.

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>using the pencil tool to underline/circle things instead of the much more precise and convenient rectangle tool
Will brainlets ever learn?

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Does these animes touch the psychological aspects of the characters as well? For me this is the big meat in Evangelion

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Let's have a thread about retro Evangelion games, given that best girl's birthday is in a few days.

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>it's that anon that gets mad when you call beat 'em ups belt scrollers and shmups STGs

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It's not like this was unprecedented. Didn't Short WARP come with a literal condom?

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>he speedruns JRPG's

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