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>So it's /v/.
Yes, just specific to arguing about dumb shit pre-Y2k.

>No one has anything interesting or intelligent to say about 5th gen either
No. Most conversations involving 5th gen are asking why sega sucked, why nintendo had a shit library, and why sony's textures looked like shit when they jiggled. It is just the meta, though at one point it was serious...now it is just a joke within a joke with stale pasta. Nintendo and Sony made a fantastic product. Sony made what I see as the true successor to the SNES, meanwhile Nintendo went and did something different, and it worked well. Sega saturn was and will continue to be campy garbage that has its biggest following in Japan.

The best use of /vr/ in my world is troubleshooting and seeing other anons make repair suggestions. I have many of the systems that are points of discussion here, and some are getting past their lifespan. Knowing about specific capacitors and power supplies has certainly helped me. I learned to solder electronics just because I wanted to mod some things. The first electronics mod I ever did was a PSIO. It was easier than most people say it should be, and worked correctly the first time.

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>Really? A handheld that launched 18 years ago is not old?
20 years. Re-read the sticky. Go back to /v/.

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>so wrong.
When viewed in context of using a 240p TV, I don't think there is a better way to emulate as much. If you know of a better unit, feel free to share your experience. Certainly there are many other methods, but overall the wii provides great support for various controllers and many generations of game systems at native resolutions. Is there a more powerful machine that outputs native 240p?

>Did anyone get a 32x emulator on the wii yet.
Nope. It doesn't look like there will be one either. Seems like something that the Xbox does that & the wii does not.

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