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To what extent is our preference for old games due to them actually being better, and to what extent is it just nostalgia glasses infecting us 30+ year old boomers? I get the impression there's some degree of overlap but putting an exact number on it or doing much real analysis seems difficult.

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Good night lad

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Yes alf clone.

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This is actually a really good idea, an ingeniously simple one too. The program could be able to read the shortcuts themselves, recognize individual elements/commands and allow you to quickly change them through a simple gui. Pretty much a frontend to make editing batch files faster. With the plus of being able to associate tags, images and description with the shortcuts and wads.

For example you have a shortcut and the only thing you want to change is the pwad it loads. You simply pick the shortcut from the list, or even have an option to easily clone it, then you click at one of the recognized elements listed on some kind of a sidebar, in this case the pwad that you want to replace. As you click it, the gui shows a list of other pwads you have previously provided through directory paths. All of these pwads can be listed, sorted and filtered to previously assigned tags/metadata. Once you're done, you simply click save and the shortcut/batch file is edited. Of course the frontend would allow you to edit the raw text too. All the additional setting like tags, descriptions etc. would be saved in the frontend's settings file.

Man this sounds great.

Bloody hell anon please do this! Just don't forget about us once your rise to the top.

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I actually had the same idea, along with being able to load different shell types with unique properties. Like dragon's breath or ice shots.

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I need Doom gifs

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Good news about Dark forces, LUCIUSXL still lives!
also some guys are recompiling outlaws code

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What are the most Duke inspired or Urban themed mapsets for Doom 2?

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im up to report the trolling asshole from /v/ who keeps shitposting about cheats

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Fuckin genius

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The first 8 levels of Doom 1 are classics and as anon above said, you can beat them in about an hour. If those don't win you over playing on hurt me plenty or ultraviolence, little else will.

As an alternative, you could try gameplay mods, linked in "so you want to play Doom" in the OP if vanilla doesn't hook you. Demonsteele and Doom Rouge-Like Arsenal/Doom RPG (these two in combination) are mods I recommend.

Oh you. That's a custom map set called Sunlust. Beautiful, but really damn hard, several orders of magnitude more difficult compared to ID's original games. I played it on HMP and died a lot at the end and I've been playing Doom mods on and off since 2014.

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This is awesome. I mean people creating something that is purposely way too metal to even be serious. Thats why Doom is Doom. The new one just is too polished and, well, tripple A.

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Anyone ever get a ghost?

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>this guy

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Get out of his line of sight. As long as he can't directly see you by the time the attack reaches it's climax, you won't take a hit.
You can literally hide behind a corner or a 32 unit wide column. Hell, you could hide behind a 16 or even 8 unit wide column to break his line of sight if you do it just right.

Another pointer is that unless you have hit him with an attack, he won't start to try and flash-fry you until you are within 1024 map units of his reach. He's bleeding fast though, so keep that in mind.

Also, watch this educational video:
It may seem goofy, but there's some very valuable tips and tricks in there that even some long time Doomers don't always know.

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I've had a similar idea, been playing about with some assets and graphics with a .wad basically built on top of another .wad (because I started when I was a noob, and just kept building and building from there), basically it would be a gameplay mod styled after Doom as it is, except kind of fancy, using some of the old alpha and beta rifles and junk. I don't have the drive, ambition, or skill to finish it myself though (and it's a bunch of junk piled on top of other junk in a mess of an archive).

I do like the idea of being maybe not that powerful, or that monsters and enemies are way more dangerous and require more thinking than regular Doom monsters. So if you were to make your own mod after you're done, would you go for full on realism, a lot of realism, some realism, a bit of realism, little realism, or no realism at all?

If you're interested, I have some sprites lying around here and there, assuming you want centered ones and junk. And because the email field is kill, I'll post my address here if you're ever interested: [email protected]

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