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Whatever mobs spawn will drop ammo relevant to your weapon reel on their death. If it's not the weaponless one or anything too overly specific like melee or boss round, the ammo drops are random. So this obviously means that tanky shit like Hell Barons certainly aren't worth killing for ammo (and so better just let them infight) whereas the BoBs, bronies, and Strife hobos are ammo pinatas.

Most of them are quite manageable with circlestrafing, though less open maps can make things a lot harder or up to chance. Like the Imp Tank being easy to circle strafe from a distance, but if you have to peek around a more confined area then you can die pretty easily.

I must say that the skull tank thing from 3.0 certainly doesn't fuck around.

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Problem is I don't know how to spend good luck

It accidentally gets spent

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