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She was always well liked.
I'm still reserving my opinion on Mari until 3.0+1.0 comes out, maybe Anno will make us feel ashamed of our words and deeds and actually give Mari an important role, but so far it's just fanservice and marketing fodder.
Mana barely had any merchandise made for her, I wish I could get my hands on some figurine of her.

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>She's shedding her trident suit.
Oh I just noticed that, cool. But I was talking about her face design.

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Mana Kirishima is a great girl, unlike Mari.

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Play the game to find out.

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Kirishima Mana aka the Girlfriend of Steel

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What anime do you like, anon?

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Not him but only 1 of these is actually a proper VN, the one in upper left, Girlfriend of Steel (which was consireded THE Evangelion game back in the day, mainly because of how Mana Kirishima got popular with fans, populairty which later faded away as Evangelion fanbase expanded with new generations that never knew this games existed. Also, during the 90s there was no translation patches, though I might remember transcriptions in english, maybe published in geocities webs and what not.
upper right and bottom left are both Saturn games, haven't had the chance to play them yet but I think they're a mix of strategy/rpg battles with adventure/VN parts, maybe some mini-games thrown in as well.
Those are Sega's own Evangelion games, and actually the first Saturn game was the first Evangelion video game ever made. The main attraction are the 3D modeled Evas, which in all honesty don't look as great, but in 1996, seeing a 3D Evangelion must have been quite something (at least until 1999 when Eva64 released).
The second one on Saturn presents a new character called Megumi who ends up revealed to be an angel.
Megumi was never popular for some reason, or at least I don't ever remember seeing her back in the day, compared to Mana who was everywhere in merchandising, art books and what not.
I wonder if 2nd Impression inspired the idea of Girlfriend of Steel. Both games were released within months of each other, 2nd Impression coming first, but who knows.

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