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I alway wondered why people rate the DoR games that high and even (sometimes) compare it to No Mercy in terms of the controls. I haven't played No Mercy (or VPW since I never had a N64), but if those have indeed similar controls I doubt that they are that good. Well, the DoR engine lived on for two more games (Wrestle Kingdom (XBox 360 and PS2) and Wrestle Kingdom 2: Pro Wrestling Sekai Taisen (now PS2 only since nobody gave a shit about wrestling games on the XBox)) but I didn't like both of them and did really regret importing at least WK1, since it suffered from the same problems as DoR2. Especially the loading times were absolutely atrocious. At least the roster of WK2 was awesome, but who cares about that, when the gameplay is shit. Yuke's always were a mediocre developer at best and a pretty lazy one at their worst, considering the jankyness of their other wrestling games.

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Well, there's also the Wrestle Kingdom Series (PS2 and XBox360), that is using the DoR Engine. But to be honest, I played DoR2 on the Cube and wasn't impressed by it.

Despite knowing that Wrestling Kingdom is "just" DoR with a japanese License I bought the first game... and again wasn't thrilled about it. It's a Yuke's game after all. Wrestle Kingdom 2: Pro Wrestling Sekai Taisen had an absolute killer roster, but still I was already through with the (short lived) series and didn't bought it just like the WWE games by Yuke's (last WWE game I bought was "WWE SmackDown! vs. RAW" on the PS2 and never touched another Yuke's/2K Wrestling game since).

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