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6th gen isn't exclusively a /v/ermins topic, but it does attract a lot of /v/ermin who will shit up threads because they need to absolutely assert any chance they get that the game they played is the best in the series without actually playing the other ones. Believe it or not I actually like some 6th gen and non-retro games, but absolutely despise /v/ and the retards who go there, simply because their post quality and mental capacity are abysmal. Not to mention they're also shit at games and get filtered by basic bitch walls, then cry up and down all over the games thread any chance they get that the game sucks because they got filtered.

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Seeing all this RE4 hate is a huge blast from the past. A lot of people were pissed about the entire survival aspect was completely gutted among other things. It's just what came after it was so abominably terrible that people pretty much forgot their gripes with RE4. Really shows how things have changed. Capcom said they'd go back to classic RE roots with RE5, which was a big fat fucking lie, and then they did the bait and switch again with RE6. Honestly RE5 with Capcoms lies, on disk DLC, and being a terrible game, was my biggest redpill that the entire game industry was going to shit and was pretty much when I stopped playing newer games. It's so fucking bad all the people who were pissed about 4 initially now see it as one of the better games now.

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