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Here's my ranking of BUILD engine games:

1. Duke 3D
Has the best level design and enemy design, the weapons feel satisfying, feels like a finished and extremely polished product. I can't really think of much wrong with Duke 3D that isn't just improvements added to the game to make it better, like alternate weapon fire or whatever.

2. Blood
Blood has a lot of great ideas, but not all of them seem to have been worked out. It still shines in just how much of a breath of fresh air it was, but just needed some extra work to fix up some of the levels and iron out some of the more egregious bugs and it probably would be better than Duke 3D

3. Redneck Rampage
This game is garbage, but in a fun way. It's kind of like the equivalent of a B-movie for video games, the level design I thought was surprisingly good and the expansion packs were great. It's a shame the weapons feel like trash with the projectiles pass through enemies a lot and abysmal range on most non-projectile weapons, and the alien vixens being purely unfun bullet sponge enemies that can also kill you almost instantly, but playing this with a "This game is garbage" mindset makes it pretty fun. I almost enjoy it as much as Blood.

4. Shadow Warrior
I've just never been able to get into it, and I have tried so much (and probably will try again), the weapons feel awful, the enemies are lame and every level I have played has just been a smear of brown textures. I hope I can enjoy this game some day, but it hasn't happened yet.

Extra notes:
Ion Maiden is shaping up to be a really great BUILD game, if it adds a few extra weapons, enemies and powerups while keeping the same quality of level design, this is on course to be my second favourite BUILD game.

I haven't played the other BUILD games like NAM or TekWar, so place them wherever you want.

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