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>there a before / after to better grasp what's changed?

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>affine transform is a reasonable approximation
>a reasonable approximation
>It's a nice bonus, not more
Pic related.

>The texture projection does not make or break a 3D projected game.
Sure it doesn't. But it certainly does mean a texture hasn't been projected with ANY depth at an algorithmic level (making it...not 3D).

>Few people would brush off affine transform
So why isn't it being used anymore? Surely by this logic our latest AAA blockbusters would run a lot faster if they simply ditched texture perspective?

>despite using D3D and accelerated hardware.
This doesn't guarantee a game will be using perspective correction, or even use a z-buffer.

>Z-fighting is a z-buffer artifact
No, z-fighting is a type of (pixel) sorting error, and it's a minor one compared to polygon sorting errors (projected polygons comprise of a large number of pixels).

Most of your arguments can really boil down to the following
>PS1 is the absolute apex of 3D graphics, damn those idiots for trying to fix what wasn't broken

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