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Clearly you guys must have a preference in terms of retro accessories, right? Post 'em.

I've always wanted to pilot a mecha in Armored Core with this fuckin' thing.

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Anyone ever use one of these things? I'd like to use it for games on PS2/PC but the list of compatible games is really slim. Are there many controller adapters that would work well on PC or am I better off just putting in a 360 PCB or something?

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>>no platformers
Spyro, Crash Bandicoot, Croc, Klonoa, Megaman X Series, Ape Escape
>>no good shooters
G Darius, Quake II, Doom, Metal Slug X,
>>no good adventure games
Tomb Raider, King's Field, Legacy of Kain: Blood Omen, Diablo
>>no good puzzlers
Board Game Top Shop, Lemmings, Lode Runner, Qix Neo, Blockids
>>literally a bunch of autistic JRPGs and arcade ports
>>heavy use of shitty, compressed FMV that aged like semen
>>most games have shit music
FF Series, Metal Gear Solid, Tony Hawk Series, Medal of Honor
>>CD format = insane loading times
>>most of the games don't even support analog
But on the other hand there is an insane amount of Playstation hardware, controllers and accessories many of which can take a mediocre game and turn it great. Some controllers just work extremely well with certain games. Lots and lots of PS1 controllers.

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Why don't blame SONY that they change design from that picture.
Why they mix that in to N64 controller to be dualshock.
And most of analog gamepad today come from SEGA design not SONY.

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