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How does a company do nothing but fuck up for over 20 years and stay in business? Are they even a real business anymore or just a Yakuza front?

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Were they really ever good?

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>Shenmue 3 a kickstarter
>Jet Set Radio still neglected despite the fact that it would sell shitloads these days if they actually marketed it
>Outrun still dead
>Crazy Taxi still dead
>Daytona got two fucking arcade-only releases last year, and they were all shitty remasters of Daytona USA with none of the content from Daytona USA 2
>NiGHTS still dead
>Sonic is still absolute garbage, despite Mania being a good fluke
>Ecco still dead
>Fantasy Zone still dead
>House of the Dead still dead
>Phantasy Star still untranslated on any official level>
>Sega Rally dead
>Shinobi dead
>Space Channel 5 Dead
>Monkey Ball dead
>Streets of Rage dead
>Thunder Force dead
>Virtua Fighter dead
Is there any fucking way to save this company at this point?

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Does anybody actually believe that SEGA was better than Nintendo, or is it a meme? I remember having friends who owned Nintendo consoles, and friends who owned SEGA consoles as a kid, and I always preferred hanging out with the kids who owned Nintendo consoles. Everything SEGA made felt like an off-brand version of a better Nintendo game. Their games felt cheap and soulless and corporate to me, like Nintendo would release an original game and all they could do was scramble to produce a SEGA™ version of it.

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I'm 26 and I didn't grow up with a Mega Drive or a Super Nintendo. It blows my fucking mind that people compare them to each other. I've played all of the "essential" Mega Drive games like Golden Axe Warrior, Altered Beast, Vectorman, Sonic, etc. and I literally cannot fathom how people can possibly think this console competes with the Super Nintendo. The reason I included my age in this post is because I played these games around age 17 and later, when I got a job and could afford to buy retro games. I didn't grow up with them, and I have no nostalgia for them. These are my honest, unbiased thoughts as an "outsider"
Obviously there are good games on the Mega Drive, like Comix Zone, Phantasy Star, and Shining Force, but to compare its library to the SNES is fucking ludicrous. Most of the games feel cheaply made, and sound/look/control like shit, or they feel like direct knock-offs of Nintendo games. That's not to say that Nintendo didn't copy Sega sometimes (3D World Runner is an obvious Space Harrier clone) but the fact is that Nintendo made better games. I'm trying really hard to be objective here, but the gap in quality between the MD and the SNES is so great. I'm not even talking about "muh Mario and Zelda" or anything like that. The SNES was just a better fucking console with a better library.
I feel like comparing them is some kind of joke that I'm not in on.

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Sega was shit.

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Was there ever a more poorly managed company than Sega? Had they played their cards right, they very well could have stuck around - but instead they seemed to be stuck in a perpetual series of reacting to some other company and shitting out more rushed hardware instead of really sitting down and putting thought into their consoles.

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