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Gen zitter myself, I honestly just got used to the graphics after a short while and appreciate the technology despite it being outdated. I like to imagine or research how the 3D models were made and I appreciate the labor put into them. Zitters have placebo effect issues, everyone else says PS1 GOOD so they get delutions that it does look better. PS1 is more well known, so the association cause the placebo of imagining the graphics look better than they really are comapred to N64, it is also lack of understanding in the area.

I had social engineering classes, and it was pointed out that when people were given coke and pepsi, without the label, everyone preferred pepsi for the taste. But when they did the same thing with the labels visible, everyone suddenly said that coke tasted better due to associations of "coke more popular therefor coke = good. Pepsi = bad." Same situation here.

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Why do NES games look relentlessly soulless?

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