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Hey /doom/, what do you think makes a good weapon replacement pack? What about a good monster replacement pack?

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>"I'd be happy to either host or arrange an interview with Romero via Doom Radio using questions gathered here by the community, although it should go without saying that this isn't preventing anyone from conducting an interview in their own time and putting it up on the forums or having it hosted on the Doom Radio website. I had been holding out for some better equipment before conducting higher profile interviews like this, but if the community's good and ready then we can suit up and put on a show!"



Kaiser is out of this world; he was involved in the development of the two available options to play Doom 64; he contributed to CC, CC2 and Plutonia 2, he reverse engineered most of the console Doom games and he also contributed to the F.E.A.R. expansion pack

The man is a living legend in the community, no wonder he was the first option for the Lifetime Achievement award

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