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AM2 made the best sonic sprite. Sonic team sucks.

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>Bought a TG16 with a couple of complete games for about $40 years ago because I had always wanted one
>Didn't have much money so I ended up only being able to play the games it came with
>Either finished them or got bored of them after a while
>It just sits around collecting dust for a while
>Ended up having to sell it a couple years ago along with a bunch of my other older consoles so I could afford moving out of my parent's place
>Sold before prices started going up with the intention of buying them again later when I had money
>Prices inflated like crazy
I have the money now but I just can't really justify it. All I have left is my Genesis with a bunch of games and a Saturn with no games. I miss playing my Saturn the most really, but fuck if I'm going to spend that much on games.

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No. Classic-era Sonic in 3D is great. I wish they had stuck with the The Fighters style models for Adventure.

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