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I think TNT was pretty fun, not perfect, but better than Doom 2, more interesting maps, more challenge, the music really helps setting an atmosphere.
I like the better attention to detail in general.

The last third is kind of weak, but other than that it's not bad IMO.

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TNT has excellent music, it's why I like it's atmosphere so much.

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Death's Bells is the fucking SHIT.


I also love AimShootKill and Lets Kill At Will


TNT had really groovy music in general.
My favorite remix/cover: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LhYu7a68XGw

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I remember I played a demo for TNT 2 a long time ago, and I thought it was The Shit.

Is it finished yet? Are there any other nice TNT style megawads?

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The atmosphere is tops though.

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Map 11 is my favorite in TNT, cool theme and intense fighting in a dark warehouse.

It's one of the maps in the set that really portrays the feel and atmosphere in the best way, at least in my opinion.

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How hard is it to homebrew for the 32X?

Could I convert edited TNT evilution maps to a format the 32X port would easily understand, or would I be better off making a brand new port from the ground up?

Know almost nothing of developing or programming beyond some tinkering with ZDoom btw.

Would it be better if I just made a Boom style mapset with the tnt.wad as the iwad and just make my own levels and possibly reaching a wider audience?

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Tough question.

I like most of Episode 1, and Episode 2 (which is my favorite of the first game), particularly E2M2 and E2M7.

For Doom 2, I like most of the stuff until about Map 10 or 11, 12 is a noticeable drop in quality and fun, and while it doesn't just go down hill from there, the fun of the game never quite recovers to previous levels after that. Many of the later levels are simply not very fun, when I enter Map 12, it feels like an immediate chore and I get the urge to quit the game.

I always like the feel and atmosphere of TNT, but not all maps are perfect. Map 11 is a favorite here, as is Map 04 and Map 06, to an extent. I liked the ones that felt vaguely like actual locations, like offices, factories, etc. The music in TNT Evilution is among my favorites and it does a superb job of setting the tone of the mapset.

As for Plutonia, I can't remember enough of it at the moment to say for sure, but there were parts I do remember liking, even if it always felt a bit too slaughtery to me (but such is always the flavor which is Plutonia). I liked Plutonia 2 a lot, partially because of the amazing music, and though it was typically too hard for me to play without "aiding myself" and outright cheating, I like it anyway.

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Now, Final Doom, that's an interesting beast, basically, Id was tired of competing with cheap and chintzy (and very questionably legal) CD's full of shovelware .wads downloaded en masse from the internet being sold (outselling them for a while even), so they decided on publishing two sets of levels (they would later publish the Master Levels for the same reasons), they went to the fan mapping community, looked around at projects and people involved in them, and looked at Team TNT, who were making TNT: Evilution, one of the first megawads (complete 32 map replacement), Id struck a deal with Team TNT to publish their megawad as a standalone Doom game, under the name Final Doom, but they wanted another 32 levels, in a separate wad, and it was agreed upon that two of the members of Team TNT (the Casali brothers) would make 16 levels each for that separate .wad, which was Plutonia.

Evilution and Plutonia was then packaged commercially and sold as Final Doom (along with a now obsolotete Windows 95 front-end known as Doom95), advertised to be more challenging than any other mapset (particularly Plutonia), and it sure is, at the time it was hard as balls (and it still is). A lot of people like these mapsets (me included), some don't, but it's certainly worth giving them a look because of amazingly different they are from Doom 1 and Doom 2, both in gameplay and design. It's still the same core game, but the maps are really something else (and Evilution had the coolest soundtrack). Personally, I wouldn't judge you for save scumming if playing Plutonia.

After you're done with Doom 1 and Doom 2, I definitively suggest you give Final Doom a look.

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Final Doom for the PSX I think is a pick from the 64 levels of TNT and Plutonia, plus some new ones, for a total of 21 levels (I think?).

You'll have the super shotgun and the new enemies and all that from Doom 2, but the levels are all different.

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Tedious? Sure, sometimes, but all you really need to do is adapt to it's gameplay, and it becomes really fun.

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