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>leslie nielsen died 11 years ago

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God damn, no fuckin way. I remember watching the Pilotwings 40th birthday special live.. feels like two years ago tops.

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god DAMN

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>Came out in 2007 for PC

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Did you like or dislike it?

For me, it was SMW. I tried the game once at a haircut place and really liked it and wanted it. I had a GBA so I asked my mom to get me the Mario advance game where "he wears a cape on the cover." She ended up getting me SMB 3 and Yoshi's Island for the GBA instead. IDK what my mom thought I asked for. I ended up liking those games a lot anyway. Years later, I ended up trying SMW and disliking it, so I am glad my mom got me those better Mario games instead.

What's your 'getting a coveted childhood game as an adult' story?

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memes aside, seeing people outside the shmup community argue about autofire and practice methods is like going back in time 10+ years. those are dead and irrelevant topics for the players (not collectors)

catch up lads.

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>Transfer rate: 2.61 KB/sec
Damn that takes me back. I feel so fucking old.

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fuck off stupid li-
>check wikipedia

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>How old are you that at this point you think 2001 isn't a full generation ago?
What the fuck are you talking about? 2001 was about five years ago.

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>G:CK turning 20 this year
wtf lads

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>tfw you scroll through 400 posts of autistic infighting only to find out no one has posted any download links to a shmup pack

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>American McGee's Alice
wtf, would have set it around 2005 or so.

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>Not really modern media considering the episode is over 19 years old,

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>It'll happen to you too, but you never got to make OutRun.

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>21 years

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>33 years ago

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>CS on /vr/

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I miss my youth exploring weird mods from planetHalfLife. I remember when Day of Defeat was a shitty beta and was just awful to play (it made a huge leap in some version number and became actually fun). The shitty beta version had a seriously ugly D-day map and some map where blocky planes bombed a field and there was some open village nearby, felt like an early Red Orchestra map. And now even DoD Source is an old forgotten game. I'm not even that old at 30, I can't imagine how disconnected I'll feel when I'm 50 or even older.

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>no clanbase
>no own-age

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I want to go back bros

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