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My E1M3 for Ultimate Doom In Name Only is FINALLY done, or at least, the level is playable. I'd appreciate some testing from the /vr/ crew.

Take note: It uses the nukage fall textures from Doom 2 so it won't run on it's own; you need to run Doom 2 as a pwad alongside it. It won't crash ZDoom with the missing textures though, if you want to play it there. I'm sure there's some tutti fruti that I need to fix or something but I'll check that later.

I think this is going to be a tougher wad to make than Doom 2 In Name Only because a lot of the level names are kind of slapped on after-the-fact. There's nothing about the original E1M3 that says "Toxin Refinery" other than the big nukage pit in the beginning. I ended up using a bunch of E1-type rooms and shit. I also broke one of the guy's rules and used teleporters, because fuck him, I wanted to use it.

Have fun. It's fucking huge.

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