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I see, I thought I did that when I had them as extra resources loaded in the ''game configurations'' tab.

They are, I added them into my wad via SLADE to see if that would fix it but I'm clearly missing a step.

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I see, well I'd say it's good to have variety in mappers styles.
>I like rooms that limit your movement while also providing cover, minimizing circle strafing and rewarding speed and skill

I'd do this as well, I feel circlestrafing should be kept more to slaughter maps or really large areas made for it. Have you checked out the map ''the eye"? It won a cacoward, you might like it.

I also intent to use a few zdoom features such as monsters appearing via scripts (so when they spawn they are not activated and moving toward the player).

>Having imps pose a large threat due to strategic placement is something I've a thing for.

Interesting, care to share any tips to make them a real threat? All I can think of is deploying them up close.

>You gotta have at least a baseline set in your mind before you begin, otherwise you just start building hallways connected to hallways and there's nothing really making the map come together.

Exactly! That's what I was trying to say.

Your map description sounds like we would have slightly similar styles. I'm a fan of ''turning up the heat'' as well. So as you reach the latter parts the level sort of says "oh so you think you're tough?".

My only concern is how to make the sections flow into eachother so it doesnt seem disjointed, though provided there's monsters and killing.....I think they'll accept it.
It's not like one minute you're playing "whodunnit" and the next you're BFGing through miles of hell knights.

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