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he's not me. I've done three maps so far.

the first minutes of the first level you play are extremely disorienting, it's almost like playing amnesia even though it's supposed to be a frantic fast-paced shooter. the environments are very, very dark, bare and devoid of color, the weapons feel lifeless (why is the double shotty centered while the single variant isn't...? or any other weapon besides the crossbow for that matter?). you can tell they really struggled with map design to meet the quake-era map development quota, but they ended up with something more resemblant of a cross between a redneck rampage clone and a late 90's cereal box 3D game. the maps are poorly thought-out, they're very unintuitive and overall very lackluster.

the secrets barely make sense, there's zero indication as to what is what. powerups and pickups in general blend in with the backgrounds and are effectively pretty difficult to make out.

the enemies are nondescript, characterless blobs without much thought put behind them, in regards to their mechanics and designs. five of them melee only, two are basically imp reskins.

the game lacks any hint of charisma, really. it's utterly devoid of any personality or charm. yet another case of 'let's make a 90s inspired shooter' but they missed all their marks, yet again.

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