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Why did PS1 games have to be 8fps when N64 are 12fps?

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>lower average framerate really hurts the experience
Is there any actual evidence that N64's 3D games have lower framerates than PS1's 3D games or is this just anecdotal? Or is it just that the N64 games which are popular happen to have low framerates? Or is it just a meme that is obviously false like N64 games have more fogging than PS1 games?

2D games on PS1 are gonna run smooth though, you'd hope so, but N64 hardly had any 2D games.

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>only n64 games have bad frame rates

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>N64 had many games with low framerates, while the PS1 had often targeted 30fps and even had many 60fps games
It's easy to cherry pick. It's because most N64 games went for 3D world simulations, while many PS1 games were basically 2D games with polygons. Like-for-like situations, the N64 came out on top.

>anti aliasing doesn't have much of a performance hit on the system since the system is designed to do it on such a basic hardware level.
The N64's SDK quite specifically says that turning on anti-aliasing will double the use of memory bandwidth (i.e. cutting remaining bandwidth in half).

It's only free in the sense that the N64's GPU can process an anti-aliased pixel in a single cycle

>I can only think of one game that targets 60fps
I can't think of a single game with a "full world" 3D simulation on PS1 that is 60 FPS. As I said above, it's easy to cherrypick 2D games and fighting games when the N64 did not have many games in those genres.

>n64 had no real world results apart from f-zero x which runs at 60fps
See above.

>PS1 games are higher polycount on average due to many of the better looking games making use of tessellating faces in order to minimize distortion
I hope you realize that when the PS1 uses extra polygons for tessellating surfaces, those are, for all purposes, wasted polygons. Other than the minimization of texture distortion, you cannot visible notice the extra polygons.

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>NshitT4 software usually chugged at 20 frames per scanline while PSone games ran in an ideal 30fps.

except when you give a PS1 a 3D game with a free roaming camera lmao

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