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is there anything more tedious than the first couple of hours of older rpgs?

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My family is going on a long road trip tomorrow. I've downloaded the mobile versions of Final Fantasy 6 and 9. I've never played either before. Which should I start playing on the trip?

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Good evening /vr/ I am about to start my Final Fantasy marathon starting with the first game. My question is though, which version should I play? I am currently looking at the psp port but I am unsure if any of the other versions have more or less features that I should play.

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I'm playing the first FF game, the one from NES. But the excessive grinding and slow gameplay make it annoying to play.

Which is the best version of this game? Is there any version that solve these two problems?

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FFV, VI, VIII, IX and tactics are all on sale for 2.99 on the PSN shop.

I figured Id start a FF thread in celebration.

Favorites? For me its gotta be VI story wise and V gameplay wise.

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