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Trying other ways of spreading out / smoothing Doom's palette, what with the shitty blue and magenta transitions.

For this I tried using the euclidian distance from black, which would be sqrt((0-R)^2+(0-G)^2+(0-B)^2) or simplified to sqrt(R*R+G*G+B*B), and then I took that and converted the palette to HSL, replaced L with the distance from black, and converted back to RGB.

Images are the regular Doom palette, Distance mod @50% blend, Distance mod, and comparison between regular and 50% blend.

I think it's an alright result for smoothing out magenta and blue, the rest seem kinda unchanged, and the hues and saturation aren't wildly different so people who like the sRGB colors get to keep them.

Here's the PK3 with the 50% palette. https://mega.nz/#!VxEhQKgQ!W41Oi67yspUBkEX188pGGkJVJpoxrfFYjD2FDEPxGGc

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