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I was born in the year 2000. My dad was a huge fan of Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory. He played it constantly. I was introduced to that first then I moved on to Doom and Quake by myself later when I was like seven or eight.
I remember very distinctly sitting on my dad's knee holding down the use key to complete objectives like draining passageways on those old Wolf ET maps. The sounds of the ladders, wrenches, and the tweezers are burned into my memory from that game. I didn't even know there were guns in Wolf: ET. My dad told me it was a "building game"

When i first played Doom it was a flash port. I was never actually allowed to play a game with guns and shooting. So naturally Doom changed how my brain worked on so many levels. The guitar riffs, chainsaw, shotgun... it just changed me on a huge level and I have loved Doom ever since that time.

Sometimes it still kinda shocks me that I'm one of the youngest people here. I started posting here when I was 16 and now I'm 18.

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