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Does this mod exist?

I swear I remember playing a zandronum mod a couple of years ago if anyone has a download or any info about it I'd love to hear it.

It was a sort of TF2 like mod with 2 teams and various classes.

One was a marine side each which were all usually slightly modified Doomguys.

The other team were doom demons and both teams had unique weapons.

Basically it was TF2 but in Doom you were stuck with your class specific guns and you could get ammo but nothing else.

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>I don't play samsara
You had one job.

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So is Impossible... Impossible if you don't choose cheesy setups like Conflux and Luna?

Please tell me some stories. I've only managed to win a few times due to luck (Like finding an angel in a refuge camp on day 2, then an implosion scroll)

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