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I mean that they look more monstrous.
Hdoom feels more like cosplayers.

That one isn't too bad,It's pretty funny though.

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When you put them side by side. 2016 Doomslayer really looks weak.
He seems so small,while Eternal Slayer is like a bodybuilder,kinda like Duke Nukem.
It feels far more recognizable, 2016 Slayer,you could slap it on something like Destiny or Halo and no one would notice the difference.

I know it's a trend saying "hurr reddit bad". But seriously r/doom is trash. It's full of contrarians,worse that you can find here.
They act so smug and love to spam those crappy memes.

Inspired. But I was never a fan of the Spartan armour,with each new version it has more unnecessary details.

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Goddammit D4T with Dusk movement is so fucking good

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now that is a smile worth protecting
this is even more worth protecting
>doomguy is keen
there's nothing connecting him to the blazkos but the RPG games

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That could work. XP stuff can increase the replayability factor. With all the things you can do in Eternal,players will decide what to upgrade in the next playthrough.
The best part is that so far it doesn't seem to be cluttered with features,it just has the right amount of it(unlike certain mods).

About DB,it got boring after a while. Reused fighters,random choices for a fight and so on.It had some great ones but they're rare.

About Midnight,it's a dude who makes theories about what-if fights involving Doomslayer. He loves to milk that Doom related content and fill it with ads.

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