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That all just sounds like bullshit, I come here for Doom not kids swinging their dicks at eachother.

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Eversince I was a youngin' I've never found any shotgun in any game to be as satisfying as the SSG in Doom II.

For me the reload animation is just captured so damn well, only a handful of frames and the sounds are perfectly timed and accentuate it so well even though the SFX is so simple. Doomguy slaps both shells in at once and brings the weapon back up fully ready to deal out what is honestly an insane amount of damage.

For that little moment of vulnerability having such a long reload after each shot you are rewarded when you unleash a field of pure death and pain, up close and personal. Shooting that thing down a hallway and listening to zombies and imps moan in pain and fall to the ground at your feet in little more than one key press.


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