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>they haven't broken into song yet
honestly, i dont remember if it happens in the first one, but that is the ENTIRETY of atlantica in kh2.

from what you're saying, this isnt the game for you. it takes its feelsy cringe "my friends are my power" and "heart" stuff extremely seriously and its everywhere, every step of the way. in a way, its kind of cringe kino (until anything after 2, where it completely goes off the rails and makes no sense). but if you dont really jam with that sort of vibe, then you're not going to really enjoy it at all. and if you arent even enjoying the gameplay either, then just drop it, its not really going to get better or change.

if you decide to bull through, yes you can skip chain of memories. if you really care about the plot, watch a youtube video to get the gist of it, or read a summary somewhere. 2's start is fucking retarded and a pretty shitty 2 hour tutorial zone with the dumbest, gayest, emptiest character, roxas. its a miserable slog, but once you get back to playing sora, the game finally begins, and most people like it more than 1.

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