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This. >>3230176

If you're up to it, I'd recommend going to the /vr/doom/ thread and asking around there.

Relatively recent release of GLOOMe evoked a spark in some modders, and right now there are several projects in dire need of an artist. (Ask around about "The Boody Project" - it's about sapce pirate - that one looks interesting)

The engine (they are basically one with a bit different fatures) is incredilbly easy to work with, and most of it's abilities and intricacies were explored in the past 15 years. There's even a mod in the works that would allow to make a first person point-n-click adventure on it, with inventory and actions system and all that.

If you don't want to work on anyone else's project, you can very easily make an FPS on your own, which what happened with Adventures of Square and Gun Godz.

Things you need, if you wanna make your own game:

1) Idea about what kind of game you want to make
2) A cornerstone concept(s) - everything else in your game should revolve around, or work in favour of one or 2 cornerstone concepts, that would differentiate your game from others.
3) A design document - a "blueprint" for the game, describing all your ideas and how everything should work and look, written in a structured manner.

I myself have several ideas, that I think would be successful if given flesh, but sadly,I lack any kind of artistic skill One of such ideas is a mix of Beat'em'up/RPG with advanced fighting mechanics (existing games lack depth)

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i figured the point-and-click anon was using SBARINFO + ACS wizardry.
haven't seen him in a couple threads, though.

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>Yeah, I had a voxel-based version going earlier and it sent the GL renderer running at a blazing speed of 0.6 FPS.
Friendly reminder that each voxel is drawn as a 3d cube, even those "within" the voxel-model. So each block becomes a 3d model of x*y*z*6 faces unless I'm mistaken.

>it should pave the way for stuff like proper tool -> object interaction if tweaked a bit.
This is a fun subject to work with.

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