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Barely better is still better. And it wasn't really "barely", it was pretty significant actually.
>Also PD came out like 5 / 6 years after Turok 1 / 2 and somehow had worse animations.
Turok 2 came out less than 2 years before PD. Also, better animations? That's a fucking laugh. PD has the best animations of any game on the console.
>Objectively false.
Well let's see... PD includes turok's control scheme as a default, you can customize them further, and you can even use two separate controllers for dual analog. So not, objectively correct.
>GE and PD had a lot of guns but most of them were more or less the same with different sound effects. Like 5 different pistols with slight changes to their damage at best
So you haven't actually played the game then, since every gun one of the 30ish guns is distinctly unique. A machine gun that can turn into a remote sentry gun, a rocket launcher that can fire guided rockets, a grenade launcher that can fire sticky grenades, a sniper rifle that shoot through walls and track enemies, a plasma gun with explosive rounds, poison-tipped combat knives that can be used to slash or be thrown, tranquilizer gun that can make your enemies go insane and trip face, various types of different explosives, assault rifle that can be turned into a mine, machine gun that lets you turn invisible by draining ammo, various gadgets like x-ray goggles and combat boosts that slow down time, crossbow that can tranquilize or kill instantly... the list goes on. Turok has what, 12 or so weapons, and most of them are generic weapons list pistol, shotgun, knife, bow and assault rifle that don't do anything special. Pathetic.
>The rest doesn't make PD better. You know what Turok does better that makes it better? Fun gunplay.
If only it actually had that. Meanwhile, PD not only has better gunplay, but enough content to keep you playing for years. Try actually playing the game and maybe you'll find a new favorite.

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