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Hey doom-pros, please help me out

I have watched https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HJcf0aOwmiA and the BFG usage videos, and I feel pretty confident in dealing with many of Doom's monsters - with one exception.

Mancubi keep kicking my ass somehow. I don't know if it's that I'm too impatient. I know they do a triple volley when they spot you. I know it's not straight at you. And yet I keep falling for it.

Are there any prostrats you could share for Mancubi, aside from "don't get hit lol"

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I actually quite dislike what they did with Doomguy.

I don't think he was ever meant to be LE CHOSEN ONE or anything like that. Just a guy that happens to be very good at killing demons. There's beauty in that simplicity and brevity. No prophecies, no bullshit, just angery at demons.

I replayed it recently to confirm my views, and the whole thing with Olivia Pierce and Hayden was so awkward and forced. Specially the part starting the second level or so with the Olivia comm looping with the "SPECIALLY NOW, IN WHAT WILL BE YOUR...FINAL MOMENTS (etc)" I would've expected that sort of thing from a bad fanfic. Not from an actual Doom game.

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I have an HD question (latest git version)

Does it also happen for you guys that even if you set your SMG Fire Mode to Burst from the HD Options, everytime you have a loadout starting with an SMG it is set to Single shot regardless of your choice?

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>check tracking
>mfw it's still fucking across seas
>mfw it will probably not show up until next week
>mfw everyone else has already played it

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What do you boys listen to when you play your Doom?

i listen to megadeth

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