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How do I buy a ticket? Not paying just doesn't feel right.

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Late reply although I still play some new maps from times to times, the ones that seem interesting on paper, I don't follow every single release like I used to.
In the recent years I've come to the conclusion that there is nothing better than the original game(s) and most of the Duke3D community seem to miss the points which make those games good.
If they take pleasure in other points and it's fine by them, then it's fine by me.
Meanwhile, most of the times I'd rather just replay the original games and get lessons from them.

So yeah, I do play some of the new maps, but I'd rather bitch about the original episodes.

Not to my knowledge

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>attempting an Extra Crispy run on Blood
>preferably with no-damage
>without any save states, obviously
>time passes and i'm doing great
>then i measure myself with the actual threat of this fucking game
>unpredictable abominations that will open everytime at different speed and angle
>this door in particular is inside a very tiny cabin, so it's not that hard dying for this particular one, coupled with the fact that it opens insanely fast
>alt+F4 while crying

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what was his problem?

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