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I don't know if there was any significant changes made for the sonic gems collection version, but I had a lot of fun with it.

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Lets assume after Ninento pulled out on Sony, Sony just walked away from vidya for good.

With no Playstation, Sega wouldn't have re-engineered Saturn at the last minute, since many speculate Sega shitting their pants over Sony is what prompted the last minute changes. This alternate reality Saturn would have been a 2D powerhouse that would be hella easy to develop for. Nintendo would have stuck with their 3D tech and I can't imagine them not releasing the N64 we know and bicker about today (especially since many speculate Nintendo greatly under-estimated Sony).

RPG devs would have flocked to Sega as well as most Japanese developers. Meanwhile most western devs wouldn't have stuck with Nintendo and put up with N64's limitations and difficult development.

Sega may have won this battle between cheaper games and easier development. They wouldn't appeal to the mainstream as well as the Playstation did and gaming in general would remain a niche till Microsoft would enter the game in 2001.

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