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>Not sure why westerners hate it so much
I am westerner, and I think it's the best fighting game

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I am here to inform you that your opinion is wrong. VF is the best fighting game. It has the highest skill ceiling and the most is the most fun. It only lacks in sexappeal and violence :(
Educate yourself:

But I also wanted to post regarding the topic. Yeah, mortal kombat is the exception, but modern gaming does lack alot of violence. Remember how brutal quake, unreal tournament and gore ultimate soldier were. Compare that to modern trash games like overwatch and all teh trash battle royal games... fucking modern people are fucking idiot wussies

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I love it. Its alot of fun with two players at the same level. Its the only fighting game with real 3d stages, aside from bushido blade. I but think its more playable than bushido blade. Yes there are also fighting games with 3d stages like power stone, but I am talking about fighting games without projectile weapons and no items.

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power stone 2 might be too difficult, but can be chaotic fun for noobs. Virtua fighter is also fun on equal skill level.
Virtua cop or dynamite deka might be nice.
Bomberman is good if they arent the most casuals in the world.
twinkle star might be fun. On the other hand its not as casual as it looks.
Neo turf it is. Relaxing golf fun :) That is always a nice treat for everyone

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sad story bro. There are people who like it alot.

Axelay is one of the very few FPS where at certain points you should use certain weapons or it will be tough. Aside from that its like with most games, its about memorizing the levels for the most part. I would say axelay gets hard in the last stage(s) but not very unfair. Still very playable. Also the most creative shmup. It's the contraIII of shmups.

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good game, but I enjoy virtua fighter more. Its one of the few fighting games with a 3d arena

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