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1. Just because certain titles have loosely canonical sequels doesn't mean you can create an entire timeline from that, especially when it become evidently clear that these loose connections are made after the fact

2. Vague references, reoccuring elements, Easter Eggs or cameos to other titles also doesn't mean that you can create an entire timeline from that

3. With that said, at one point you could say there was a time when Nintendo tried to care about some timeline somewhat. This was only when Miyamoto and Koizumi were much more heavily involved though. The more their influence waned, the less coherent the Zelda story became, and even back then Miyamoto was tired of trying to be keep it coherent

4. The minute they outsourced the franchise to Capcom and started making spin-offs was when a coherent timeline because completely impossible.

5. You can tell just how much Nintendo regrets the timeline shit. It really only exists to shill Skyward Sword but since SS flopped it didn't even pay off

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