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>>floppy 120mb
>>zip 100mb
>zoom zoom

120MB "floppies" only existed in the "Super Disk" format that was trying to compete with ZIP disks. It's main advantage was that the drive could also read regular floppies.

But since the drive was external and just about all systems would have included a floppy drive that was pretty pointless, unless you had one of the latest iMACs as that was around the time Apple started removing floppy drives from their systems.

But since they came out a few years after ZIP disks, were far less common and well known than ZIP by then, launched at a capacity that ZIP already was doubling by that point (and then later tripled even THAT), and it's main advantage was pointless unless you had the latest floppy-less Mac or a PC with a busted floppy drive, they failed pretty spectacularly. I think they also were slightly faster than a ZIP disk but that's not much of a benefit either.

Anyway, the 1.44MB floppy drive was introduced in 1986, became essentially the standard floppy format by the early 90s, and was pretty much the main format everyone other than Apple users knew floppies by until the later 00s when floppies completely started dying out. Not 120MB or 1.2MB.

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