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Many Sega legends were born on it, including Daytona USA obviously. While it's hard to appreciate the games and the hardware if you never played it back in the day; that's when it stood out. At the time of release, the PlayStation nor the Saturn or even the N64 were released yet. The Model 2, along with the Model 3, were the last arcade system boards to be significantly more powerful over home consoles of the time.

Apart from the usuals like Daytona, Virtua Fighter 2, Sega Rally and others, my personal favorite is Fighting Vipers. It's basically a grab-bag of the 90s with the nice colors, character design and over the top mechanics. It's Virtua Fighter with a broken tachometer. Tons of secrets inside, and lots of goodies on the relatively amazing home port; while the graphics didn't compare obviously, the frame rate was still a solid 60FPS and the gameplay logic was pretty much identical, a great port.

Pic related is one of the infamous secrets; if you win 100 times as Honey, and her armor gets destroyed (you can intentionally destroy it by quickly pressing F, B, F, B, P+K+G), she loses her skirt, too. Somebody at AM2 had a huge infatuation with her for something like this to exist, and I can definitely sympathize with whoever it was; she's like total fetish incarnate for me. I wish I knew; whoever's idea it was needs to come out of the closet so he can get kudos for it.

This game was pretty serious business back in its day; big events and competitions for it, even a cosplay contest of sorts for Honey:


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