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Neither. It's the misterfags, all of whom are convinced their magic snake oil box is a "100% accurate console that just, like, becomes the chips of the system" and is totally not an emulator of any kind. They couldn't actually give a fuck less about the technology (or its accuracy). They just can't afford actual vintage hardware but due to falling for idiotic board memes can't bring themselves to use a software emulator because "those are bad for, well, reasons and stuff. It's really complicated and you wouldn't get it. Something, something, input lag. Can't put a PC in muh living room."

They really are in a completely separate category of autistic loser, even by /vr/ standards.

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>What was the point if this thread?
This thread happened because some weird little kid recently discovered that what he thought was old junk in his parent's attic was in fact an authentic vaporwave certified, Max Headroom approved, original 80's relic. The problem is that he didn't know exactly what the relic was for and assumed it was something to do with video games. Instead of just asking someone who'd know, he decided to start a thread with a shitty pic and some cringy gatekeeping. Imagine how stupid and embarrassed he's feeling now that he's discovered his authentic eighties artifact has shit to do with vidya like he thought?

To answer your question, this thread never had a point.

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No, my "gotcha" is just as correct as it was the last 200 times some kid watched an internet video and came here with some "totally new and original" take on subject material that they weren't even alive for.
This shit is exactly why we can't coexist with so-called Digital Natives, no matter how much we have in common. The reasons are myriad, and a discussion all their own, but I simply can't imagine living in a world where my every opinion is fed to me by some caricature on a screen and you can't imagine having to think for yourself. I can't imagine lurking in an online community just to make sure I understand what the "accepted and correct" opinion is before I post, and you're terrified *not* to do it even in a place like 4chan where you're anonymous. You have no reputation here. No name. No voting "karma" to risk. And you still can't even just talk about something without constantly worrying about conforming to groupthink.
I will never understand your generation, and I've long since given up trying.

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Oh, so you are one of the sad little faggots having the argument. Guess you don't have to imagine that, either.

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The irony of being called a parrot by a guy who uses the same words and catchphrases so much (what youtuber did you hear that from? parrot! zoomie!) that he might as well start tripfagging is just too much to handle.

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Sounds good! When are you going to start selling them?

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>it was clear what he meant.
Yeah, it sure was. It was pretty clear he posted something really stupid, thought the better of it a minute or two later and Googled it, realized just how badly he fucked up, and then tried to delete it to avoid going through the exact assravaging he's experiencing right now. There is absolutely no way I'm letting this go while this kid is still in damage control mode. WAY too many kekz to be had here.

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So, in other words, the rumor about Robert Childs being recorded while accidentally spilling his guts about the now-infamous "board swap" video being fake are most likely true, and everyone over in TG Land is in full fucking panic damage control mode. So much so that they felt they needed to lawyer up and start writing smear pieces in the hopes of scaring the Youtuber with the proof off the case.

Keep it classy, TG.

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My God, the asshurt is reaching critical mass. It's getting so bad that roleplayers who got their feelings hurt in completely different incidents are coming out of the woodworks.

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ITT: kids, desperate to defend their pixels of choice, roleplay as "artists" and "game devs" to make sad appeals to authority.


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You need to understand that we've long since reached the point where "preservation" doesn't mean what you think it means. In your world, "preservation" means someone got their hands on a cart, dumped it, and turned the resulting ROM data loose on the world. While I agree that this is a pretty good definition, it's not an accurate one anymore.

What actually happens nowadays is what I like to call "Byuu Preservation". This is where the cart gets bought (or "rented") for hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars, and then dumped and "preserved" by someone who has zero fucking intention of EVER letting it out of their personal "preservation" museum. You're supposed to be happy this "preservation" happened and that someone like byuu has "preserved" this valuable piece of gaming history on your behalf.

Oh, you don't ever get a copy of it, or even a reasonable explanation as to why you can't have one, but that's okay! You should just be grateful it happened at all and stop being so entitled. Someone paid a LOT of money to horde that data. They paid even more to make sure that a private "exclusivity deal" is in place to make sure no one else can pay a gob of cash to "preserve" that data for themselves or, God forbid, publicly release the data. They keep even more money in reserve on the off chance another physical copy of this data surfaces later on. Can't risk having someone else who's NOT in our cabal ruining the whole thing. Gotta have enough scratch set back to buy his copy out, too.

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But no one here actually has anything of value to say, and they know it. They know exactly jack and shit about whatever the topic of their chosen board might be, and spend most of their time shitposting out of resentment toward the handful of people who do.

>tired of all these fucking faggots trying to talk about stuff
>that's not what 4chan is
>this is a le ironic website
>i'm bored, where are all the memes?
>why aren't people posting dank memes?

This is what happens when you let wave after wave of newfags overrun you without any sort of control. Each new batch looks at the last batch and thinks they "get it" because that's what they're being taught.

It's probably a bad example, but I used to think that every time someone would post some off the cuff "lol weebs gtfo" comment that they were being "ironic" for the sake of a joke. Because how can you be so lacking in self-awareness to not realize that you're on 4chan? Now I realize that it's just a clueless newfag who doesn't know any better. Someone trying way too hard to fit in with what they think is Futaba board culture. Normally I wouldn't fucking care, but the mentality spreads and suddenly there aren't any boards left that aren't "running on, like, seven layers of irony bro" and any chance of any on-topic discussion is gone.

It is what it is, though. It's not going to change. The kids want to post "dank memes" and create their own culture they can belong to. They want to fit in. Just wish it was easier to talk around it.

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This is my favorite new meme.

I think it's entertaining when little kiddos read something they didn't know on the Internet, google it because it must obviously be bullshit, get mad when it's true, and then feel the need to post passive-aggressive le danko meemeeyz because they feel stupid and embarrassed for not knowing something.

>Did you know?


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Your Mom

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I approve of all those choices but he needs pegged acid washed jeans and high tops to be this rad. Maybe with holes in the knees

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I've been playing for over than 100 days(not in one sitting ofcourse), and it got to a point where the maps are all colorfull and full of kanji on the walls and floors. But other than that, it's pretty much the same thing.
The problem for me is that the coolest areas rarely appear, like the city with the dead people, and this one place that looks like the insides of a person, with sumos wrestlers in it and shit.
I don't recomend playing it for more than an hour anyway.

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friendly bump. has anyone got more info on this thing ?

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