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Sprites for my game.

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>guy starts up a "joy of mapping" teaching session where people can learn about mapping techniques and how2better
>join the chat server
>dumbasses spamming memes and ebin image macros
>people telling them they're weird
>"why yes, lol, i'm VERY weird and wacky!! :)"
>quietly leave

I just want to get better at mapping.

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Because nobody can decide on something that would be unanimously enjoyed.
If we play co-op, someone bitches that it should/shouldn't be survival.
If we play DM, someone (bafflingly) bitches that we never do DM servers and/or that we're all casuals.
If we play with mods, someone bitches that we're playing the wrong/bad mods.
If we play without mods, someone bitches that we're not having fun the right away.

And that's not even getting into the eternal headache of "what mapset to use".

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