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Do you like centered or angled guns for Doom?

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>It is not centered.
I know, but I also couldn't find any centered graphic I could swipe for that purpose.

I used to want my weapons angled, but recently, I've begun preferring them centered for Doom.

>On the other hand making the moving part more visible would be cool.
Well, there's a graphic for the charging-handle, bolt and oprod all the way back, it's the second sprite on the chart, but I didn't make it part of the muzzle-flash graphic, because I don't like the idea of the bolt unlocking and traveling back before the pressure in the chamber has dropped to safe levels, otherwise I could risk getting sprayed with hot, jagged bits of brass (and damage the barrel).

I figure that graphic would display after the flash.
This would also be much easier to edit and make if it was centered.

Pic related gives you a pretty good idea of how the bolt and oprod would behave, but problem is I can't really draw worth shit at this perspective, I can cobble and edit pictures, but that's the limits of my ability.

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>I once suggested we contact some /k/ommandos and have them take a few pictures of them holding their guns and other weapons.

I had the same idea, but I don't think they were very cooperative.

It also helps if you post on "nighttime" /k/.
I'd love some nice Doom style Mini-14 graphics, and an SKS or M1 Carbine, maybe also a FAL, PTR-91, Uzi, Mac, Colt Python, just stuff like that in general.

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