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Kamen Rider Doom would be fucking cool. I've thought about a couple ways to do it, but the big question would be, well, actually doing it.
So you start off in civilian form, fight off monsters with melee attacks and a couple gadgets for long-range stuff. As you beat off monsters, you gain "Momentum" or "Hype" or something, which fills up to full. Once your meter is full, you can hit a button at any time to transform.
Transforming drains your Momentum but enhances all of your base stats (movement, jumping, damage, defense) and fills your health back to full, giving you a dramatic second wind to fight monsters off with. It also gives you a couple extra weapons to swap between that you can't use in civilian mode.
It'd even be easy to do the stereotypical "stun enemy and hit button to finish them off" gameplay system for +BOSS-class enemies.

Big question would be what to do with the mandatory mid-season upgrade. I guess that'd be BFG?

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