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Public Storage and Aqueducts are too of my fav map in the entire game.

The theme in Public Storage may be as unoriginal as possible, but layout and gameplay is just stellar; and there are so many ways to go through the map and yet it's always great.

I admit the swimming cultists can be a pain in Aqueducts, but that's where you gotta be smart and take them out one of by one with stealth. There is a lot of tension involved not to fuck up and I think it's cool.

I love Welcome To Your Life as well. Again, plenty of ways to go through the map and it's always fun, it really encourages trying to be smart and take enemies from behind etc
and that's without mentionning sequence breaking at the start of the map, using a dynamite jump to access the rooftop directly.

Again, CP's boring gameplay doesn't cut it for me despite the maps having some cool themes and sometimes layouts too.
It's like they really did not "get" Blood's gameplay, enemy choice, use and placement feels like they treated Blood like a Duke usermap. The over abundance of supplies also comforts me in the idea the devs sucked at the game, and therefore did not "get" it.

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