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If you didn't call it "Sness" you were a faggot.

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hey /vr/ is there any way i can tell if a snes cartridge is reprogrammed and/or relabelled? thanks in advance

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I'm in the mood for playing some retro games.

Would it be better to put a second TV in my room (a CRT TV) or just get a Raspberry Pi and connect it to my LCD TV?

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>emulating SNES games
>have to press START like 10 times to finally start the game
>have to press START for every single company logo that appears at startup
>have to go through unskippable crap like intros, animations, dialog etc
>even when I can skip the crap with START I still have to wait for some pointless transition animation/jingle to finish
>when I die I have to wait for some stupid jingle to finish till I can restart
What kind of brain damaged fucktards programmed these games?

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Could we get a flash cart thread going? I've never owned one before, but a few years ago I used a friend's on his GBA. I never asked much about it, but I assumed that you could store the games onto the flash cart, and play them naively through your GBA. Well, I recently found my SNES, and thought I'd get a couple of games for it. After seeing how much AAA SNES games went for, I thought about going the flash cart route - but they are a hell of a lot more expensive on the SNES rather than the GBA. I'm not sure why, but the cheapest I could find was around $50. Is that normal or am I being bamboozled?

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I have a SNES and an N64. I also have an HDTV. How do I get them to work together? None of the cords are compatible.

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Does anyone have any tips about modifying a SNES to better protect it from power surges? I remember reading some horror stories a while ago about how SNES video chips were getting fried because Nintendo didn't bother putting capacitors where the power comes in.

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>"But my volume isn't low, so why does the music sound like it is!?!"

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They both sound like shit desu. Game music didn't get gud until PS1.

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Hypothetically, if they released a Super NES Classic/Mini, which games should be on it?

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With the announcement of a NES Classic Edition, it would great if they followed up with a SNES version.

While certain games probably won't happen for it (both Star Fox and Yoshi's Island were never ported to the VC due to issues with the Super FX chip, and Super Mario All-Stars due to Nintendo using the original Mario trilogy to sell the the NES Classic and Nintendo thinking All-Stars was too good for a standard VC release seeing as they re-released as a strandalone ROM dump disc for the Wii, and Tetris Attack having issues with the Tetris copyright to the name of Panel de Pon USA), there is still more than enough games to get to 25-30 game collection from just North American releases.

So what games would you include in such a collection?

Me personally:

1. Super Mario World
2. Super Mario Kart
3. Super Mario RPG
4. Donkey Kong Country
5. Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest
6. Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie's Double Trouble
7. The Legend of Zelda: A Link To The Past
8. Super Metroid
9. Kirby Super Star
10. Kirby's Dream Land 3
11. Kirby's Dream Course
12. EarthBound
13. F-Zero
14. Super Punch-Out
15. Pilotwings
16. Final Fantasy IV
17. Final Fantasy VI
18. Chrono Trigger
19. Secret of Mana
20. Harvest Moon
21. Lufia II: Rise of the Sinistrals
22. Super Castlevania IV
23. Contra III: Alien Wars
24. The Legend of the Mystical Ninja: Starring Goemon
25. Axelay or Gradius III
26. Mega Man X
27. Street Fighter II Turbo
28. One of the Final Fights
29. Demon's Crest
30. Wario's Woods (I doubt this would happen since it did not even happen for the NES collection and the SNES has never been re-released, but I can still dream).

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Can I transfer save files from SNES9X (on PC) to BlargSNES (3DS) or do I have to restart the game? And then same question but from SNES9X Next on a cell phone. I have access to the actual save files on both, just not sure if formats are compatible.

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Great games on the SNES that I should try out. I've played Sega Genesis games on emulators and on Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection for the PS3 and thought I might give the SNES library a try. (on an emulator of course)

Bonus points if you name a game that isn't a RPG like Earthbound or Chrono Trigger. Or name a game that is an exclusive to the SNES.

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Which are some baffling decisions that happened for no good reason?

Like the American SNES design, I mean, what the hell, not aggressive enough for NoA's higher ups?

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I don't really get the appreciation for the SNES. Is it because I don't like JRPGs and think most of the Nintendo 1st party stuff is outdone by their prequels/sequels? ie.

LttP < Zelda 1 and 2
Super Metroid < Metroid Prime
Earthbound < Mother 3
DKC - Just not good at all IMO
F-Zero X/GX > F-Zero

There's some random little games I like on it, like Mario's Super Picross, and there's some neat-looking stuff like Pilotwings that I haven't tried, but overall I can't help but feel that it's a sorely overrated console.

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Hey /vr/, I plan on making a 16-bit styled video game (don't worry, it's not retro, so I won't shill it here), however I'm still not sure what kind of game I want to make, so I'm looking for some inspiration. What is your favorite game(s) of the 16-bit era?

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Yo, how are all mah niggas doin'? Finally found my old SNES in my dad's garage. Now I have a couple questions:

1. No hookups or controllers. I assume these are readily available on eBay? What can I do to avoid shitty clone controller. Any clones that are actually good?

2. I can load up all my ROMs into one of those flash carts, yeah? What do I get, where do I get it, and for how much? Would it be practical to sell Final Fantasy III("No! Keep it! You don't want to lose your childhood saves!") and such to help offset these costs?

Thanks and stay beautiful, /vr/.

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Why do I feel like I'm losing touch with my roots as an SNES and Genesis kid?

I look back and struggle to recall games that really spark my passion from that long ago even though I grew up on those consoles.

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So I finally got a small TV for my room, and I can play the Super Nintendo I bought at a junk shop last Christmas for $30.

It hooks up all right, but as far as playing goes its really temperamental. I inherited a some of old games from my cousins and only Super Mario World and Super Mario All-Stars seem to work. Super Star Wars, Lethal Weapon, and an array of Basket Ball and Soccer games don't seem to work.

Is this normal? I want to buy some old SNES games, but is it worth it to pay for a "better quality" SNES?

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