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except that its hardAF to mod it, and certainly not worth it at this point
The atmosphere is definitely its own animal and very few games have complimented the void that it has left.
But thats the problem, in the time that it has aged, nobody has made games like that.

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> not letting chaingunners get hit by each other and tear themselves apart
> not letting skulls become bystanders, take a few hits from those and it buys time to get to safety
> not running afar and lobbing rockets at chaingunners and letting the skulls be hit by bullets or fly past you

Its like nobody has played doom.
> she just needs her boobs rubbed, it would take the edge off from her other implants

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unironically it has no problem running DirectX 9.0c and can technically even run Doom3 (at about 1-8fps)

> should be shot on sight
Not sure why people think this, given that the declaration of independence secures and recognizes the god given right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Whether folks are poor or incel is regardless and generally none of anyone else's business.

Please consider where you're at. Retro Games forum. It just so happens that retro games tend to run beautifully on toasters.
> at least on windows 7 I can change my desktop settings, colors and fonts just about any way I like it, you cant even touch the fonts on your desktop configuration in win10
> thats a minimum requirement for me

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