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>Hell Revealed MAP22
>"Watch Daniel's lmp for this level to see how well it can be done - that is the way I designed the level to be played, not by hiding behind corners."
>map starts with more than a dozen archviles from every angle and no way to focus on one batch UNLESS you hide behind the corner at the start

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Here's a ditty about that map when I played it
>Playing Epic 2 with DRLA + Legendoom Lite
>Be Renegade
>Get to that clusterfuck of a room with the red(?) keycard where a million arch viles, revenants, and two fucking cyberdemons guard it
>The invulnerability pickup didn't help as there were too many arch viles so I just went in the level overlooking it and picked at the cyberdemons with a heavy hunting shotgun
>One of them turns out to be legendary
>Think "ah fuck," but remember something
>Fought a legendary cyberdemon earlier in the .wad and learned that they become hydrogen bombs on death
>Get the greatest idea in the world
>Keep picking at the legendary cyberdemon until I hear the rising tone of imminent meltdown
>Get behind cover and start laughing to myself as it goes
>The timer hits zero, the cyberdemon lets out one last death rattle, and he goes boom
>Run back down to the room like a kid on Christmas
>Corpses everywhere
>The entire area is empty
>The whole room cleansed by atomic flame
>Grab the key after I stop laughing and continue back on the map

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That really didn't take long at all.

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Oh no! This faggot called me a nazi.
Like 9001 fucks were given.

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Interesting, I wonder if that will make for a better end product or if it is a bad sign of huge expectations falling on their shoulders at last.

Doom winning a GOTY award as a result of that delay would be cool.

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That's a dangerous amount of wide anon, if we go much wider the demons might find a way to escape the window and enter our computer

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here's his post on doomerboards
> my assumption is that he just simply hates me and doesn't want to say it, to keep his image clean. I mean, what else could it be?

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>when they pick up the speed boost shoes powerup which makes the music and game speed up, it actually makes the music normal NTSC speed

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>this can't be real
>search for "wolf4"
>it's real

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Small update it is indeed mentioned in the readme that your mission is to go back in time to stop a temporal demonic invasion, and it is partially my fault that I declined to read said story info. I think this is the first wad I've seen where the story text is necessary to progress in the game; I more or less stopped reading them after scrolling through Cranium's bizarre fanfiction in his Master Levels contribu—
>Cranium made this map in Eternal DOOM
It all fucking makes sense now

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>It's a muscular, horny, pizza-nightmare of a demon with a soul eatin' grin

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What is the greatest mapset of all time, /vr/?

Nominating Hell Revealed.

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>let's play the third party Duke expansions
>Duke It Out in D.C. came out first so I should play it first
>Smithsonian Terror

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China won't make mods illegal outside their goal.
They will make games even worse than they currently are, though, because the Chinese have AWFUL fucking taste in all forms of media. China is the reason Hollywood has been getting even worse, quite a few studios just aim for Chinabux at this point and that's why garbage like Bayformers keeps getting sequels. We should oppose China taking over the industry for that reason alone.

Are there any good Chinese-made DOOM wads? I remember seeing Japan did a collab megawad at some point.

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My fucking sides

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Is there a list somewhere that chronicles which games were fucked over when importing to the west?

Mostly the gameplay and difficulty changes that was a sort of common practice for a while, translation issues is a whole other can of worms.

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What is your stance on Quicksaving and Quickloading in DOOM?

Excluding outlier cases of extremely difficult WADs, should all levels be solved as a puzzle from back to back, are you okay at having "checkpoints" of sorts (ie, when you pick up a key for example), or do you go full blown past-Joel (I don't know if he still does his quicksave thing every 30 seconds) ?

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