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What is the greatest mapset of all time, /vr/?

Nominating Hell Revealed.

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>let's play the third party Duke expansions
>Duke It Out in D.C. came out first so I should play it first
>Smithsonian Terror

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China won't make mods illegal outside their goal.
They will make games even worse than they currently are, though, because the Chinese have AWFUL fucking taste in all forms of media. China is the reason Hollywood has been getting even worse, quite a few studios just aim for Chinabux at this point and that's why garbage like Bayformers keeps getting sequels. We should oppose China taking over the industry for that reason alone.

Are there any good Chinese-made DOOM wads? I remember seeing Japan did a collab megawad at some point.

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My fucking sides

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Is there a list somewhere that chronicles which games were fucked over when importing to the west?

Mostly the gameplay and difficulty changes that was a sort of common practice for a while, translation issues is a whole other can of worms.

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What is your stance on Quicksaving and Quickloading in DOOM?

Excluding outlier cases of extremely difficult WADs, should all levels be solved as a puzzle from back to back, are you okay at having "checkpoints" of sorts (ie, when you pick up a key for example), or do you go full blown past-Joel (I don't know if he still does his quicksave thing every 30 seconds) ?

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What is your favorite lighting render mode in GZDoom, guys?

Dark, Doom, Standard, Bright, Software?

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What are some mapsets that are specifically designed around allowing/needing the player to jump and crouch without it being sequence breaking?

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Everyone on /vr/ knew that already. I don't get why you created this when the thing has already been inserted on the news of /doom/ threads the moment it came out.

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I like DOOM, a lot. Regarding FD, i'm not even splitted between the two episodes because they're both very good, in my opinion, so i don't get the grudge one can have regarding one or another. But the actual reason of my post is: we already have not one, but two threads for discussing this matter. What's the reason of killing a thread and ultimately divide discussions even more?

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wtf man

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>tfw you want to finally play some serious mods like The Golden Souls 2
>tfw you need to switch from zDoom to GzDoom
>tfw GzDoom is a piece of shit on my machine and keeps on spouting errors (mostly OpenGL acceleration ones or something)
>tfw you apparently need a super computer to play some fucking doom mods
>tfw you're forced to play once again vanilla doom while holding back the tears
perhaps i am autistic but you see i have feelings too

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This shit right here. it will always be the sound I associate with the end of Doom 2.
Spirit World is a fucking aggressive level.

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Well instead of being a turd about it, what would you consider a must play instead?

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>this entire thread

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>it's my first sonic game
i know a lot of people say there are no good sonic games, but start with any of the 2D ones.

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shit, i thought you were doing an epic simulated downvote. sorry senpai

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I love these webms, I'm glad they got posted again so I could properly save them. Cheers.
Also to confirm; the anon that made these did intentionally load all the most gaudy and over the top mods he could fit into the game, including KDiZD for the map set.

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I have been playing Doom 2 through Risen3d for the past couple of days and it has been fun. Is something wrong with me?

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