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Stop procrastinating. Get gud at puzzle games.

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Magical Drop III.

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Puzzle fighter was better PvP against a human. You could use Dan and fight with an enormous handycap and it was extra meaningful when you beat them.

Magical drop 3 was 100% comfy puzzle solving in adventure or challenge mode.

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How can I stop sucking at Magical Drop ?

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People who liked Columns and said it was unique for these reasons have clearly not played any decent Japanese puzzle games. Almost everything on this list are staples of Japanese puzzles!

>Dynamic music with "warning" theme
Not all have dynamic music, though dynamic sound effects like the opponent complaining about you winning or celebrating your impending doom are common. Warning themes are also popular.

> High contrast colors, little to no background behind pieces
Again, popular in Japan. If there's a background behind the pieces it's most likely static, muted colors, and/or just your "character" making faces to let you know how you're doing. Having the character there makes it so you don't need to look around the screen so much!

> Allows you to move blocks after it lands
Ok, this is a columns thing though it does occasionally appear in other games.

> Easy to play yet challenging to master
Pretty much any decent puzzle game is like this.

Here's a great example series to check out: Magical Drop. The later games are actually BETTER than the first one! You don't need to know Japanese to play, so don't be scared. Pic is from Magical Drop 3.

> Bright, colorful pieces
> Many characters to choose from, each with different playstyles based on Tarot cards.
> Characters make sounds/faces to let you know how you're doing. Some versions have warning music, too.
> Simple muted backgrounds make seeing the pieces easy
> Can easily pick up and move pieces. It's how you play, actually.
> Easy to learn, challenging to master.

Japan: Land of beautiful, fun puzzles.

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