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Soul Hackers, it's retro, came out on the Saturn and Playstation, but you'll only be able to play the 3DS version in English.
The other one in a non-retro DS game that I won't name but is the most popular game in the serious and you'll find easily. Atlus kept the genre alive in my eyes, and the DS has a surprising amount of dungeon crawlers on it. The most retro-friendly ones would be Dark Spire(straight up Wizardry clone) and Orcs & Elves(which looks more from Ultima Underworld's footsteps)

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Soul Hackers Saturn or PS1 release?

Saturn to PS1 ports are usually whack, thinking of Grandia, Baroque and every 2D fighter multiplat

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Has anyone here played either the original or the port the released in English? Are either or both worth looking into?

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>best music
>best characters
>fastest gameplay in the series
>actual reason to replay it
>on top of still being /vr/ related

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I'd go far to say it's worth the 3DS for Soul Hackers.

Seriously, it's one of the best in the series.
>that night time cyberpunk atmosphere
>a group of likable characters that have their ups and downs
>fast gameplay and is challenging
>good dungeon design
>awesome OST

>tfw Sony cock blocked us on both Devil Summoner games for the longest time

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