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>danny danberson

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>mfw I asked my dad if we could rent foreskin while in blockbuster as a kid and he laughed at told me it was pronounced forsaken

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SCART a cute. CUTE!
RGB on consumer sets/devices and PAL60 really are comfy.

I like how nobody even replied to your posts, as there is no argument about it.

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To all of those ITT, I'm wondering:

how did you come to modding your stuff (hardware or/and software) ?

what drives you in this hobby ?

any anecdote you'd want to share ?

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The Software Library recently released a large and growing collection of MS-DOS games you can play in the browser (although you could just use DOSbox and the game download). Not all games listed work quite yet for various reasons.

I don't know much of DOS games, but can anyone recommend a good rpg?

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